AHCA Minutes April

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Building

Lew Larson and Jeremy Huish presented information on plans to use the building at 745 S. 23rd Street as a meeting house for single members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Approximately 400-500 single members of the church are in the immediate area.

Mr. Lawson showed preliminary architectural plans detailing the changes that will be made to the interior of the building. The building lot has 56 parking spaces, which meets the county pew seat to parking ratio requirement. They are also looking into leasing parking from local businesses.

In response to questions, Mr. Lawson and Mr. Huish said the building will not be used to shelter homeless people; it is only for the Sunday and evening use of the church community. They do not have statistics on parking needs, but noted that only about a third of the single members have cars. Within a month, they plan to approach Arlington County to re-zone the lot from commercial to church use. The building and interior changes will be paid for by the church corporate headquarters, so there will be no fund raising events. There will be no church bells.

Tortoise and Hare Bar Live Entertainment Request

Eric Dahlseid, co-owner of the Tortoise and Hare Bar, plans to request a County permit for live entertainment. The County limit is 6pm to 1:30 am Monday to Saturday, but he plans to limit live entertainment to Friday and Saturday only. He noted Freddies and the Sports Bar already have live entertainment permits.

Discussion centered on excess noise, its impact on neighborhood residents, and the non-responsiveness of previous owners to complaints. Mr. Dahlseid plans to monitor the bands as they set up their equipment.

Library Update

Bill Gillen met individually with all the County Board members to discuss proposed cuts in the operating hours for the Aurora Hills Library. The members noted the large number of people who have turned out in support of the library, the petition, etc. Mr. Gillen said we should know the County decision about our library in the next two and a half weeks.

Motions Approved

Members present unanimously approved the following motions:
$430 to pay for printing library flyers
$250 contribution to Oak Ridge Elementary School
$250 contribution to the Wakefield High School Senior Cruise
The AHCA takes no position on the McGinty's Public House and Restaurant request for a live entertainment permit.

With one dissenting vote, members approved a motion in support of a live entertainment permit for Friday and Saturday nights for the Tortoise and Hare Bar, with a review in six months.


About 40 people attended.