AHCA Minutes July

Basketball Courts at Virginia Highlands Park

Kurt Louis, Operations Manager, and Lynda Keesey, Head of Park Rangers, talked about the basketball courts at Virginia Highlands Park. Mr. Louis noted there are some issues, like the use of inappropriate language, that are common to courts at all parks. He sent a message to Capt. Burke, informing him of the problem at Virginia Highlands and asking for assistance in communicating standards for language.

Both Mr. Louis and Ms. Keesey pointed out the impact of budget cuts. With fewer park staff, patrols will be cut and trash pickup will be reduced. The priority will be responding to events that impact the safety of individuals. Call 703-228-6525 for any park-related concerns.

Mr. Louis said the County Board believes the parks should be open to all. He promised to
  • - work to educate the basketball players on proper language and behavior
  • - put up signs as reminders of standards for language and behavior
  • - remind players to give young kids a chance to play on the courts
  • Mr. Louis also reported he expects a notice to proceed with construction at Nina Park will be issued July 13. The park will be closed when construction begins. Construction should be completed within 60 days.

    Old Business

    Minutes from the June Meeting were approved.

    Bruce Cameron is attending a Crystal City Long Range Planning meeting tonight. Michael Dowell said efforts are underway to ensure the plan will address impacts on all of the area east of 395. AHCA and the Arlington Ridge Civic Association will provide input.

    Mr. Dowell said about 25 people attended the AHCA July 4 picnic. He also gave an update on neighborhood improvement projects.

    Cheryl Mendonsa has been appointed as a new representative to the Crystal City BID. Her role will be to provide citizen input. Ms. Mendonsa said the next BID meeting will be July 13.

    New Business

    1. A motion was approved to send a letter to the county board asking them to defer a vote on Agenda Item #5 which proposes a parcel reallocation in the Pentagon City Phased Development Site Plan, until the Aurora Highlands Civic Association has had time to understand the impact and provide feedback. Text is below

    "The AHCA is concerned that we have not sufficient time to consider the specific impact of the proposed parcel reallocation to the Pentagon City Phased Development Plan, agenda item #5, on our community. The AHCA requests that the county board defer the vote on this item to allow the AHCA to work with the county planners to analyze and understand the impact of the reallocation on our community."

    2. A motion was approved to send a letter to the county board asking them to defer a vote on Agenda Item #52 Approval of the Rosslyn Cultural Center. Text is below.

    "The proposed Cultural Center for the former Newseum site in Rosslyn will necessitate a large budget commitment and will include consolidation of existing community-based arts programs. The AHCA is concerned about the impact on the community caused by the financial outlay and the centralization of arts programs. The AHCA requests that the county board defer the vote and invites the county to visit our community to provide a deeper understanding of the cultural center purpose and vision, the funding mechanisms and the financial impacts to existing programs and future budgets."

    3. A motion was approved to support the Canopy Grant Application for 2009. Cory Giacobbe is preparing the grant.


    The new school superintendent will speak at the Aurora Hills Community Center on Aug 4. Details will be provided via the listserve.

    With the economic downturn, SOC is having difficulty providing enough work for their staff. SOC is an important asset to our neighborhood. Please patronize them with your printing and mailing needs.

    There will be no August AHCA business meeting.


    About 20 people attended the meeting,