AHCA November Minutes

McGinty's Public House

Emma Whelan and Mark Pantall introduced their new business, located at 3650 South Glebe Road, near the Harris Teeter, and described their food, drink, and entertainment offerings and weekly special events. Addition information is available at www.mcgintyspublichouse.com

Election of Officers

The candidates for office are:
President - Mike Dowell
First Vice President - Nick Giacobbe
Second Vice President - Cara Tenuta
Treasurer - Gail Fleming
Corresponding Secretary - Jenny Lawhorn
Business Secretary - Cory Giacobbe

A motion to accept this slate of officers received unanimous approval.

Joyce Street Improvements

Mr. Richard Best, Arlington County staff member, provided his recommendations on how best to use the $97,000 developer-set-aside for street and sidewalk improvements along Joyce between 15th and 23rd. He provided a handout (copied below) with options, existing condition, and his recommended priority.


S. Joyce Street Project





Existing Conditions


S. Joyce and Virginia Highlands Playground

Gateway Treatment including: Painted Median and parking edge lines to 1600 S. Joyce Street w/ped crossing (at single family entrance), Splinter Island w/ped safe area. Street Paint, Landscaping.

Street width is approximately 42 feet; Parking meters NB and parking permitted SB.


S. Joyce Street and 16th Street

Stop Bars, SB Tree Stump Removal, fix sidewalk (WSS-Maintenance)

Street width is approximately 25 feet; 16th Street stop sign; Parking permitted NB.


S. Joyce Street and 23rd Street

Gateway Treatment including: Landscaping, Sidewalk (south side), Street Print. Other: Curb Ramps, Pedestrian Crossing

Street width is approximately 26 feet; Joyce Street stop sign


S. Joyce Street and 22nd Street

Sidewalk(south side/Possible NB Curb Extension)

Street width is approximately 29 feet; Joyce Street stop sign; Existing stop bars; Parking permitted NB and SB.


S. Joyce Street and 21st Street

Sidewalk (south side/Possible NB Curb Extension), Stop Bars

Street width is approximately 30 feet; 21st Street stop sign; Homes very close to street; Parking permitted NB and SB.


S. Joyce Street and 17th Street

Stop Bars, SB Tree Stump Removal/Replacement

Street width is approximately 25 feet; 17th Street stop sign; Parking permitted NB.


S. Joyce Street and 18th Street

Sidewalk (south side), Stop Sign Evaluation, Stop Bars

Street width is approximately 23.5 feet; Joyce Street stop sign; Parking permitted SB.


S. Joyce Street and 19th Street

Sidewalk (south side), Stop Bars

Street width is approximately 23.5 feet; 19th Street stop sign; Parking permitted SB.


S. Joyce Street and 20th Street

Sidewalk (south side)

Street width is approximately 23 feet; Existing 4-way stop; Homes very close to street; Parking permitted SB; Existing stop bars.


Mr. Best said the top 4 or 5 could be done for $97,000 and the rest could be done later with Neighborhood Conservation funds. He said it would likely cost $150,000 to $175,000 to do all nine projects.

In response to questions, he said:
- WSS maintenance items will not come out of the $97,000 pot of funds
- because of the tight budget, he cannot promise when additional funds will be available
- all items funded with the $97,000 should be complete within one year
- there is no interest paid on the $97,000. It is the same amount that was available 10 years ago

A motion to support the priority list provided by Mr. Best received unanimous approval.

Mr. Best said that, given AHCA and ARCA endorsement of the priority list, he will return with a project plan for review.


Cheryl Mendonsa reported there is no news about Crystal City Business Improvement District activities. She also said the phone number listed in the SOC advertisement for holiday cards is incorrect. The correct phone number will be posted on the list serve. (Post-meeting addendum: The main SOC number is 703-521-4441 and the direct number to Ashley in sales is 703-299-3242.)

Bruce Cameron announced plans for a holiday dinner December 5, from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm in the Firehouse. Contact him at brucecameronahca@gmail.com if you plan to attend.

Gail Fleming urged all to join AHCA and pay their dues for the coming year.

Bill Gillen expects there will be a $1M cut to the $12M library budget in the coming budget. Overall, the county budget shortfall is expected to be $80M-$100M, necessitating cuts in services and a tax increase. The new budget will be out next February.

Variance Request

Marcia Grenell described plans to install a bay window in her house at the corner of 19th and Ives and the need to get a set-back variance from the County. She said the neighbors she has spoken with have no objection.

A motion to support Ms. Grenell's variance request received unanimous approval.

Maria Teresa's Babies Early Enrichment Center/Daycare

Giovanni Saba, Maria Teresa's son, said he has been told AHCA opposition to the business is the reason the County has not approved their application to care for 50 children. The facility is currently approved for 34 children.

No one could recall AHCA opposition to the facility, and Mr. Cameron volunteered to call county staff to dispel rumors about AHCA opposition.

(From Mr. Cameron, a post-meeting addendum: "AHCA has been in touch with senior county staff. Two issues will go to the County Board on December 12th. One is the renewal of the use permit. Another is what we call a "variance" asking for an increase in capacity from 34 to 71. We have asked staff for insights on how all this pick up and drop off will be handled with the small driveway spot MT has, separate and apart from the staff parking concern.

Most likely, AHCA will publicize for community comment and a take a vote on December 5th at AHCA meeting, most likely to be held at the Community Building at 4:00pm just before the Holiday party at 5:00pm at the Fire House.")

Crystal City Plan

AHCA and ARCA have representatives on the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) and they raised the need for the Crystal City Plan to include impacts on the surrounding neighborhoods. See the document posted on the AHCA website www.aurorahighlands.org/_Media/ARCA_AHCA_CC_Comments_Recommendations_Vision_Plan_2050_08_17_09.pdf The next LRPC meeting will be November 19. Mr. Cameron urged all to be constructively engaged in the planning process.


About 45 people attended the meeting.