AHCA December Minutes

Sidewalk Link

Bruce Cameron led a discussion of a potential new sidewalk link in the 700 block of 22nd Street. There is a tree in the way, which must be removed to avoid encroachment of the new link onto private property. Removing the tree will cost approximately $500 and the County will not cover the expense at this time. In the ensuing discussions, it was agreed that a new sidewalk link would be a public benefit and the AHCA should not be expected to pay similar expenses in the future. Several people promised to make individual donations and a motion for AHCA to contribute $130 was approved.

Maria Teresa's Babies Early Enrichment Center

Bruce Cameron said the County has deferred consideration of Maria Teresa Desaba's request for a certificate of occupancy for 50 children until its January 23, 2010 meeting.

Melanie Jesick, a member of the County staff, said the County is studying traffic impacts. The county is also reviewing a change in parking requirements. Because none of the staff drives to work, Ms. Desaba is requesting the County not burden the business with having to rent parking spaces that go unused.

A local resident handed out copies of various correspondence involving the County, Ms. Desaba, and AHCA. He advocated the value of the day care center and described the impact on traffic as minimal.

Mr. Cameron apologized and said the meeting had to end because it was time for the holiday dinner to start. He promised there would be another opportunity to discuss the day care issue at the January AHCA meeting.


Cory Giacobbe announced AHCA received a grant for 14 nice-size trees. They have all been planted in the community.

About 20 people attended the meeting.