AHCA Newsletter February 2009

7:00 p.m.
Guest Speakers:

Freddie Lutz, a neighbor in ARCA as well as the owner of Freddie's Beach Bar on 23rd Street, has indicated that several of the owners of restaurants on 23rd will be at the meeting to say hello and introduce themselves. Also, they have some ideas about painting and sprucing up along 23rd Street they would like to talk to Aurora Highlands neighbors about.


ARCA is working to revitalize their association. It is hoped that AHCA and ARCA will continue to work closely on the many joint issues we face. We are all one big neighborhood, but given how some county programs allocate funds by neighborhood, it makes sense to maintain two associations even if we collabo rate closely on most issues. And an excellent point was made at the ARCA meeting last week that is similar for AHCA. While AHCA does have a membership list and dues paid, in reality, all neighbors voices are heard on votes or key issues and AHCA works to make sure that when positions are taken, they re flect the position of the majority of people within our neighborhood boundaries, regard less of whether they are on the "official" membership list.

Developer and Builder Issues:

AHCA has been working with JM Zell, the rep resentative of Alder Branch Realty (ABR) re garding the lot at the corner of 22nd/Eads. The County Board has agreed to allow 110 feet height limit for the entire site. ABR is will ing to consider, in exchange for the additional height density, making some retail parking available to 23rd Street Restaurants. However, ABR will not commit to this until such time as final building plans are approved at some point in the future. AHC A has been working on the issue with JM Zell, in order to make sure that the concern about lack of parking raised by our local owners on restaurant row was factored into the trade off in height allow ance granted by the County.

A neighbor, Jeffrey Jacques, who lives at the corner of 18th/Ives (900 18th), has notified AHCA that he now owns the two large corner lots at 18th/Fern. He has applied to the County to create three buildable lots from these two lots, presumably with the intent to build three homes on these lots. It is believed that Mr. Jacques already has several infill projects in the neighborhood including one just across from the library on 18th Street and one on the 900 block of 20th Street as well as a few others.

Traffic Calming Dollars ($265,000) for Ridge, 23rd and Joyce Streets:

AHCA has submitted some preliminary ideas regarding Joyce Street to county staff. How ever, ARCA and AHCA leadership hope to meet with county staff in February to clarify how much funding is available for each street, what qualifies as traffic calming, and to hope fully propose the best ideas in the mutual in terest of all of us that live in this area.

Missing Links:

The Neighborhood Conservation staff contin ues to work with Aurora Highlands to infill sidewalk in our neighborhood through the Missing Link Program. An appeal is being made to all of us to think of the broad com munity and our neighbors. While the county has the right to infill sidewalk in the county right of way, it makes it easier if neighbors don't have to be forced to go along. What has been happening on almost every block, where it is possible to complete either one side of the street or the whole block by infilling a few sec tions, is that all the neighbors but one will want the sidewalk to be complete. While the county can put the sidewalk in without con sent, it is just much easier not have to deal with someone who fights it. And it does come down to just about one hold out per block. AHCA appeals to both those that feel they have this concern and those that live around these neighbors, please remember this is a community and we are all part of the network here in Aurora Highlands. Presumably we chose to live here because of our neighbors, so please think about them when you are tak ing a position that is solely about your interest and not the interests of the community and neighbors you chose to live with.


APS (Arlington Public Schools) sent AHCA a pack of flyers regarding a celebration of the Beginning of Integration in the APS, to be held at HB Woodlawn Auditorium on Monday, Feb ruary 23 at 6-9pm. www.apsva.us/ woodlawn

Police Meeting:

April 29th, 2009 at our Lady of Lourdes Catho lic Church, 2D Quarterly Police Meeting (meeting time will be confirmed in the next newsletter).

Virginia Highland Park (VHP)and Aurora Hills Community Center:

Hopefully everyone that has an interest (especially kids) has seen the email from Christine Simpson of PRCR regarding the brainstorming meeting for the spray ground to be held Thursday, February 19, 2008 at Aurora Hills Community Center from 6:30-8:30pm. I hope all will show, as it's a great opportunity for our kids to pitch their ideas as well as our whole community to take ownership of some thing that will be created within our AHCA and ARCA area. So come with your crazy good ideas and pitch away and en courage your kids, this will be something they can point to later in life and say they helped make it happen.

Patrick Wegeng, from PRCR, who spoke at the last AHCA monthly meeting regarding trees in VHP, has indicated that if AHCA (and ARCA) want to see something happen on east side of soccer field, he might be able to help guide us when the next round of PEGs (Park Enhance ment Grants) opens up. This is a worthy cause, that if necessary, AHCA could contrib ute some funds to with a PEG grant, if that is what it takes. His vision, in sketch form, is a small retaining wall allowing good soil infill, with steps, short fence and then some nice young trees planted along that barren side of the soccer field.

Aurora Highlands Community Center:

This is a note from PRCR (Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources) regarding idea of get ting additional activities going at Aurora Hills Center beyond the Senior Program. To facilitate, they are encouraging those from AH and AR to fill out the survey referenced below.

Sports and Recreation Interest Survey

We are in the process of planning Fall classes & workshops. We would like to determine the interests of community members living in the neighborhood [AHCA and ARCA] surrounding the Aurora Hills Community Center. Please go to www.arlingtonva.us/prcr. On the bottom right hand side there is a section titled Get It Done On-line. Click on the Sports and Recreation Interest Survey. In completing this survey, you can assist us in designing the best leisure and rec reational classes for you and your family. We look forward to your feedback, sug gestions and recommendations. Thanks!

Also, PRCR is willing to pursue with AHCA the idea of creating a turnkey operation to enable authorized AH neighborhood use for commu nity based programs which the neighborhood creates and to develop a schedule for turnkey use for times AH is not scheduled for senior adult activities. If we can achieve this idea, it will create much more flexibility for neighbors in Aurora Highlands and Arlington Ridge to have evening and weekend access to the cen ter for qualified events and meetings.

Eads Park:

Van Newstrom has been able to secure a PEG for fencing around the play equipment at Eads Park so that those with younger kids can allow them to climb without fear their child will bolt over to Fort Scott Drive.

Aurora Highlands Civic Association

P.O. Box 25201 - Arlington, VA 22202

"The Association is a non-partisan organization of community residents formed to work in the overall community interest in promoting civic pride, enhancing the quality of life in the community, preserving the character of the community and planning for the orderly, safe, and humane development of the community" (AHCA Bylaws, Article II). The AHCA meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month (unless specifically noted) in the Aurora Hills Recreation Center (735 S. 18th St.) at 7:00 p.m.

2009 Issues

  1. Community Center & Virginia Highlands Park
  2. NC Projects: 19th Street (600&700 blocks ) sidewalk & street lights, spray park in VHP, Ives Street (20th-22nd) sidewalks & street lights.
  3. Nina Park improvements
  4. Nellie & Eads Park
  5. Potential Dog Park?
  6. Sidewalks & Street Lights
  7. Crystal City Long Term Plan as well as CCBID and CCBID, Inc impact on Aurora Highlands area
  8. Wakefield High School Capital Rebuilding and quality of academic programs.
  9. Waste Water Treatment Plant
  10. Social Events Spring event TBD? Community event with Restaurant Row ? 4th of July picnic in Virginia Highlands Park

AHCA acct balance as of Feb 2009: $7,938.37

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  • Business Secretary & Web Master- John Kriese 703 519-0961
  • Corresponding Secretary - Paul Mcaree
  • AHCA NCAC Rep: Chris Mann
  • Aircraft Noise Liaison - Denis O'Sullivan 703-521-6425
  • Meeting Hospitality - OPEN
  • Newsletter Distribution - Bruce Cameron
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