AHCA Newsletter July 2009

6:45 p.m.

Guest Speakers:

Guest Speaker: Kurt Louis Operations Manager for our parks will talk about the usage of the basketball courts at Virginia Highlands Park.

AHCA: 4th of July picnic in Virginia Highlands Park.

For those that aren't out of town on vacation or who don't already have plans, we'll do a simple potluck picnic at southeast corner (in grass near playground) across from the community center parking area. We will to have some tables and ice cream as well. hook a hose with a kid sprinkler to the restroom building. Let's say between 5- 8pm, to leave time for people to go find fireworks viewing spots afterwards.

Crystal City Business Improvement District (CCBID): Cheryl Mendonsa has been appointed by the County Board to represent AHCA/ARCA on the CCBID Board.

Neighborhood Improvement Efforts: Updates will be given at the monthly meeting.

Schools: August 4, 2009 - 7:00 pm: New School Superintendent Dr. Patrick Murphy will hold a community chat at Aurora Hills Community Center to hear from those that live east of 395.

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    Aurora Highlands Civic Association

    P.O. Box 25201 - Arlington, VA 22202

    "The Association is a non-partisan organization of community residents formed to work in the overall community interest in promoting civic pride, enhancing the quality of life in the community, preserving the character of the community and planning for the orderly, safe, and humane development of the community" (AHCA Bylaws, Article II). The AHCA meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month (unless specifically noted) in the Aurora Hills Recreation Center (735 S. 18th St.) at 7:00 p.m.

    2009 Issues

    1. Community Center & Virginia Highlands Park
    2. NC Projects: 19th Street (600&700 blocks ) sidewalk & street lights, spray park in VHP, Ives Street (20th-22nd) sidewalks & street lights.
    3. Nina Park improvements
    4. Nellie & Eads Park
    5. Potential Dog Park?
    6. Sidewalks & Street Lights
    7. Crystal City Long Term Plan as well as CCBID and CCBID, Inc impact on Aurora Highlands area
    8. Wakefield High School Capital Rebuilding and quality of academic programs.
    9. Waste Water Treatment Plant
    10. Social Events
      Community event with Restaurant Row

    AHCA account balance as of 6/30/09: $6751.495

    Association Officers & Committee Chairs
  • President - Bruce Cameron 703 892-5071
  • Vice President - Michael Dowell 703-521-7739
  • 2nd Vice President - Van Newstrom 703 683-5911
  • Treasurer / Membership - Gail Fleming
  • Business Secretary & Web Master- John Kriese 703 519-0961
  • Corresponding Secretary - Paul Mcaree
  • AHCA NCAC Rep: Chris Mann
  • AHCA CCBID Rep: Cheryl Mendonsa
  • LRPC CC Long Term Plan: B. Cameron & Mike Dowell
  • Aircraft Noise Liaison - Denis O'Sullivan 703-521-6425
  • Meeting Hospitality - Julie Ann Beveridge and Rosamunda Neuharth-Ozgo
  • Newsletter Distribution - Bruce Cameron
  • Newsletter Editor-Maria Cameron 703-892-5071
  • Police and Waste Water Treatment Plant Liaison -Brad & Louise Garris - 703-548-1944
  • Urban Planning Ted Saks 703-683-1312
  • Items for the newsletter: Send items in e-mail messages (not attachments) to the newsletter editor, Bruce Cameron at brucecameronahca@gmail.com

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    Lyman Stutzman:
    811 North Irving Street
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    Dog Walker- Reliable, experienced dog walker has a 1:00-2:00pm opening in the Aurora Highlands area.
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    Contact Donna at 703 578-0034
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