Solar Power Co-op With Arlington County

February 9, 2015 |

Join the Arlington Solar Co-op, Save 30% on the Cost of Solar Panels – Deadline Soon!

Are you interested in lowering your energy bills and reducing carbon footprint with solar energy? Have you ever wondered if your house would be a good candidate for solar panels?  Arlington County, ACE, and Virginia Sun are spreading the word about a solar co-op available to Arlingtonians for a limited time.

Purchasing and installing solar by yourself can be confusing and costly, but by joining the solar co-op members will save 30% off the cost of a solar system and they’ll have the support of the co-op to answer questions throughout the process. You can have a quick and free solar assessment done on your home to see if solar panels would work on your roof. Interested Arlingtonians can sign up or learn more by CLICKING HERE

Solar power

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